What is a California Style Kitchen Design?

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? However, are you completely stuck for design inspiration? If so, a modern California style kitchen design might be your best option. 
A California style kitchen design is traditionally bright, airy, modern, and welcoming. As a result, many home designers say that the kitchen is the room that most desirable by California residents.

California Style Kitchen Design Basic Elements

Every California style kitchen design is different. However, standout characteristics typically include large kitchen islands, the use of eco-friendly materials, and traditional Mexican design influences.
To achieve a distinctly California kitchen look, make sure that kitchen remodeling contractors you hire are familiar with the California kitchen style you are looking for. Many kitchen contractors have a penchant for ultra-modern kitchens. However, this isn’t what a California kitchen is about.
A California style kitchen design needs to feature a cool, neutral color scheme. Designs also need to draw on earthy, period design features, that feature just a few essential touches of modernity.

Use Reclaimed Wood or Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Having a large kitchen island means that California kitchens feature large kitchen countertops. With a California style kitchen, though, neither stone-effect or modern metal counters really work
To achieve a quintessential California kitchen look, it is often best to look at using materials like reclaimed wood or eco-friendly bamboo. These result in kitchens feeling airy and natural. Wood and bamboo counters are also fantastic when it comes to exemplifying the charm of surrounding kitchen cabinetry. 

Use Shaker Cabinets

No California style kitchen design is complete without Shaker kitchen cabinets.

Simple, yet beautiful, Shaker cabinets feature five-piece doors that frame center panels. Cabinets can be simple or decorative depending on your personal design preference. However, in a California style kitchen, cabinets are usually always white or very light in color.

Pair Modern Kitchen Elements With Vintage Decor 

A typical California kitchen will usually attempt to bring together several West-Coast design elements. One way to do this is to go vintage when shopping for kitchen decor.
Items like antique bar stools, wall stoves, and wooden shelving are a must in many California style kitchens. However, whatever vintage decor you go choose should reflect your personality.

Aim to Pair Period Styling with Modern Function

A California style kitchen should be relaxing and have a real sense of period character. However, it is important not to let period kitchen aesthetics limit the functionality of your kitchen.
To make sure your California kitchen is just as beautiful as it is functional, talk to kitchen contractors like ourselves about what level of functionality you require. 
When striving to pair modern functionality with period styling, kitchen contractors like ourselves can create bespoke cabinetry and source vintage style appliances. Alternatively, we can help you choose kitchen materials and color schemes which beautifully complement more modern kitchen essentials.

A California Kitchen Has Timeless Design Appeal

Because a California kitchen pairs vintage design elements with modern kitchen functionality, California kitchens benefit from long-lasting design appeal. 
Are you planning to remodel your kitchen this year? If so, reach out to us, local kitchen contractors today to discuss your options in more detail.    

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