New California Landscaping Laws – What Do You Need to Know?

This year, new landscaping laws are coming into effect across California. These take the form of new irrigation system regulations that require all sprinkler systems to now restrict water flow to 30 pounds per square inch (PSI). However, some confusion surrounds who new law changes really apply to. Before starting any landscaping services in your home, read about the new California laws.

What Do New Landscaping Laws Mean for You?

Water is a commodity here in California. However, each year, residential garden irrigation systems consume almost half of all of California’s potable water supply. 
To reduce water waste, landscaping laws are already in place that require all new irrigation systems to restrict water flow to 30 PSI. Now in 2020, the same rules will apply to existing landscape sprinkler systems. However, the new rules will only apply when existing sprinkler heads are due for replacement.

Do I Need to Replace My Current Sprinkler System?

Are you planning a new back or front yard landscaping project this year? If so, it will be necessary for you to install a pressure-regulated irrigation system that restricts water flow to 30 PSI. However, it will not be necessary for you to replace any system you are already using.

  • Existing property owners are only required to upgrade current sprinkler systems when existing irrigation heads reach the end of their lifespan.
  • On most sprinkler systems, only sprinkler heads will require replacing. (It is not necessary to replace irrigation piping.)
  • New sprinkler heads will cost approximately $3 more than older, less water-efficient sprinkler heads. However, replacing heads will result in long-term savings as a result of lower water consumption.

Will New Landscaping Laws Affect the Health of Your Garden?

California’s new landscaping laws aim to start saving 400 million gallons of water per day by 2030. (This is enough to cater to the annual water consumption requirements of San Diego.) As a bonus, Californian gardeners who upgrade their sprinkler systems will save on annual irrigation costs.
Sadly, one drawback of new landscaping laws concerns the fact that some sprinkler system repairs will now be more expensive. Homeowners who upgrade from older sprinkler heads may also find that newer heads don’t disburse water as effectively across lawns and flower beds.

When to Call in Local Landscapers

Are you planning to start a new back or front yard landscaping project this year? If so, we can help you comply with California’s new landscaping laws, by helping you choose a compliant, yet still low-cost irrigation system.
As local landscaping experts, we can also help address potential problems resulting from poorer irrigation coverage of lawns and flower beds. At present, we may also be able to help you claim rebates if you do plan to upgrade your existing landscape sprinkler system.
Will 2020 be the year you start saving more water while simultaneously improving your home landscaping? To make the most out of your garden, call one of our team today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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